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Welcome to Axel Mortgage, Inc. where exceeding the standard for responsible lending is our mission! We don't use deceptive advertising or hire misleading loan officers to drive our business.  We have consistently earned the highest rating available with the Better Business Bureau for doing business ethically. We don't charge upfront lock fees, upfront application fees, or worse...1% back out fees like most other mortgage companies. We have found that  sophisticated shoppers with high service expectations have always been our best clients and have also been the best source of repeat and referral business! 99% of our business comes from repeat business and referrals so this is a very good indication of how well we price our loans and how well we treat our clients!

Please take a moment to click on our current interest rates.  These rates are updated daily so you always have true marketable rates to reference.  If you qualify conventionally, we deliver the rates and fees we post - period! No smoke, no mirrors, no deception. If any changes to the rate or cost are mandatory on your loan (example-cash out refinances) you will know about them upfront.  We do not lie about our rates or fees to make our phones ring!! We do not bait and switch!!


Why do many online mortgage companies advertise incredibly low rates and fees on internet search sites, but consistently have higher rates or fees when you click on their web sites or call? Sometimes a volatile market is to blame - but rarely! The answer is simple: THEY CANNOT AND WILL NOT HONOR THE ADVERTISED RATE AND FEES!! This sleazy tactic is called BAIT AND SWITCH and it is VERY common in this industry. 

It is a fact that most mortgage companies operating today (broker, bank or direct lender) get the money they lend from the same providers. This means companies advertising substantially lower rates than others are probably being deceptive. If you rate shop, you will find plenty of "unbelievable" rates and fees being advertised, but keep in mind that 99% of these "unbelievable" deals are never delivered to the borrower. These rates and fees are simply advertised to "bait" you in. 

Once you are "baited", the unscrupulous company will find an excuse to "switch" you to a different program or pricing structure.  They will charge you a higher rate than advertised, or substantially increase the fees or points on your loan.  In many cases you won't know about the rate or fee "switch" until after you've paid the company a non refundable application fee or rate lock fee.  In some cases the company simply never informs the borrower of this switch until they are sitting at the closing table ready to sign the final papers.

Some borrowers are also tricked into signing a "loan backout agreement" by the unscrupulous company.  This agreement essentially guarantees that the company you hire will make a profit (1% of the loan amount for example) even if you decide to leave and close with another mortgage company.  This agreement holds you captive and gives the mortgage company the opportunity to switch your pricing or program for the worse at any time for any reason. 

If we lose your business please thoroughly read the fine print of my competitors agreements before signing, or it could cost you thousands of dollars! Axel Mortgage only gets paid when you close, therefore we don't charge anything upfront!  It's a fact that predators are very abundant in this industry! Please don't subject yourself to a loan shark! 

Most of the business we generate comes from past client referrals and repeat customers.  We also receive an enormous amount of business from Realtors, financial planners, attorneys and accountants. We must be doing something right! Our clients love our "up front", no "B.S." approach to lending! We simply don't have time to play the games other lenders play! Our integrity is unmatched in this industry and our service is untouchable.

Our formula for success is simple: provide the most competitive rates and fees in the industry coupled with exceptional service while maintaining the highest level of integrity. If you are tired of the games played by other lenders, call us for an honest, no "BS" transaction. We are professional mortgage counselors and not used car salesmen. We look forward to helping you any way we can.